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by Dawn Copeman

It's Time for Tea!

A Taste of Easter: Hot Cross Buns, Simnel Cake, and Easter Biscuits

A Taste of Christmas

A Taste of...
BATH: Bath Buns, Bath Olivers and Wassail
CHESHIRE: Cheese, Pye and Pudding
DEVON: Clotted Cream, Splits, Scrumpy and Gin
KENT: Hops, Cobnuts and Huffkins
LANCASHIRE: Eccles Cakes and Hot Pots
OXFORD: Sausage, Sauce and Hollygog Pudding
WILTSHIRE: Lardy Cake, Bacon Fraise and Ham
YORKSHIRE: Yorkshire Pudding, Parkin and Pomfret Cakes

Dawn Copeman is a freelance writer and commercial writer who has had more than 100 articles published on travel, history, cookery, health and writing. She currently lives in Lincolnshire, where she is working on her first fiction book. She started her career as a freelance writer in 2004 and has been a contributing editor for several publications, including TimeTravel-Britain.com and Writing-World.com .


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