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General UK Information
General Information · Publications · Field Volunteer Opportunities · Metal Detecting · Courses and Schools · Publishers
British History: General
General history sites (covering multiple periods) · Timelines
British History: Periods
Prehistoric · Roman · Anglo-Saxon & Viking · Norman · Medieval · Tudor & Elizabethan · Stuart · Jacobian · Georgian · Regency · Empire · Victorian · 20th Century (general) · WWI & WWII
British History: Topics
Architecture · Castles · Christmas · Church History · Costumes · Crime & Punishment · Food & Recipes · Knights & Chivalry · Medicine & Herbs · Military History · Monarchs · Titles, Nobility & Etiquette · Witches & Witch Trials · Miscellaneous
British Travel Information: General
Links to UK-wide travel sites and topics.
British Travel Information by County
British Travel Information: Walking and Cycling
Castles, Houses, Churches and More
Dictionaries and Language Resources
Ghosts and Hauntings
Holidays and Calendars
King Arthur
Literature, Primary Source Documents, Authors
Manuscript Facsimiles and Primary Source Documents · Period and Historic Literature · Poetry · Authors
Sites relating to specific monarchs and their relations...
Scotland - History and Culture
Wales - History and Culture


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