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General Information About Great Britain

BBC Categories
No matter what you're researching, you'll find information on the BBC website!

Guide to English Life, Culture and Customs
"Learn about England and her culture from children who live there." Includes information on customs, costumes, government, anthems and songs, food, climate, religion, money, English Christmas, and much more.

National Statistics Online
"Home of official UK statistics. Britain's economy, population and society at national and local level."

Ordnance Survey
Besides selling their famous maps, this site allows you to look up over 250,000 places and view an online map of the area. It also contains information on the history of place names, "Geofacts" about Great Britain, and various games and freebies.

Safeguarding the Thirty-Nine Counties of England
Wondering where the traditional UK counties have gone? This long but interesting paper discusses recent administrative changes to the traditional county structure of England (and explains why you may have difficulty locating a county on a map).

United Kingdom Parliament
Find out who's who and what's what with the House of Lords, Parliament, House of Commons, and other British political bodies.

United Kingdom Web
A fabulous resource for anything British, including yellow pages, lifestyle, business, travel, maps, recreation and academia.


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