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King Arthur

Anglo-Saxon history, warfare, religion, literature, and "living history".

A journal of Arthurian lore, plus lots of great links to other Arthurian sites.

Fifth & Sixth Century Britain: Arthur & The Dark Ages
One of several excellent historical research articles by Tracy Cooper-Posey.

Arthurian Studies (Yahoo Guide)
On Yahoo

The Camelot Project
A database of Arthurian texts, images, bibliographies and basic information.

Several articles, plus links.

Early British Kingdoms Web Site
A site "totally dedicated to the Early Celtic Kingdoms of the Isle of Britain and its diminutive counterpart across the Channel [Brittany]. You'll find lots of information here about the celebrated and not-so-celebrated Kingdoms that flourished in Britain from the time the Romans left until well into the 11th century."

In Search of Britain's Lost King: A Millenial Quest for Arthur
Created by two undergraduate students who traveled across Britain to explore sites related to King Arthur, this website is an incredible compilation of Arthurian history and the landmarks associated with Arthur.

King Arthur and the Matter of Britain
Links to a variety of Arthurian resources.

King Arthur (in "Britannia History")
Arthurian timelines, historical information, literary links, travel information, etc.

King Arthur's Knights
Fact or fiction? Covers the historical Arthur, the legends, the period, the land and more. Includes a collection of images related to the Arthurian legends, plus a newsletter.

King's Chambers, The
This section of "Odin's Castle" is devoted to King Arthur links -- general history, the Grail, Geoffrey of Monmouth, Le Morte D'Arthur, Arthurian archaeology, Merlin, and more. It also has a section on Robin Hood.


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