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Archaeological Resources

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General Information
BBC History: Archaeology
Articles on recent UK archaeological finds.

BBC History: Archaeology - Hidden Treasure
Information on metal detecting, treasure finds, and the Portable Antiquities scheme.

British Archaeology Jobs Resource
Lots of interesting resources, including jobs, courses, a PODcast, a newsletter, software for archaeologists and more.

Council for British Archaeology
The CBA website includes back issues of British Archaeology magazine, plus breaking news, news feeds, a directory of UK archaeologists, books, grants and awards, fact sheets and reports, and lots more.

Council for Scottish Archaeology
All sorts of information about archaeology in Scotland, including how to get involved, what excavations are happening and what archaeology you have in your area.

Highland Council Archaeology Unit
Information on archaeology and archaeological projects in the Scottish Highlands.
Iron Age Hill Forts Discussion Group
The goal of the group is to develop a database of all the hillforts and related settlements and structures in Britain.

Stone Pages
"Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of megalithic Europe." Presently features more than 500 sites; also offers a news feed (the one we're using on the front page), a free e-mail newsletter, forums, glossary and more.

British Archaeology
Bimonthly print magazine. Back issues from February 1995 through November 2003 are posted online, making this site an excellent resource for archaeological information.

Current Archaeology
Bimonthly print magazine; now offers both Current Archaeology (covering Britain) and Current World Archaeology (covering the rest of the world) on alternate months. Lots of useful links as well.

Internet Archaeology
Electronic archaeology journal, primarily for professionals. Subscription required.

Focuses on landscape archaeology, primarily in the UK but also internationally.

Field Opportunities
Archaeological Volunteer Opportunities

Council for British Archaeology
Locations of digs open to volunteers throughout the UK, with contact information and prices.

Current Archaeology: Archaeological Dig Opportunities
Search by region or by month (or for weekend digs), or by type of dig (volunteer or training). Also offers an article on what to expect on a dig (http://www.archaeology.co.uk/directory/howtodig.asp?cat=1)

Metal Detecting
National Council for Metal Detecting
"Here you will find information on clubs, membership, the Treasure Act, in fact everything you will need to know about the hobby and the National Council for Metal Detecting."

Portable Antiquities Scheme
"This website provides background information on the Portable Antiquities Scheme, news and access to our database of over 102,000 objects and 33,000 images; from Prehistoric flints to Post-Medieval buckles. Search this website to find out how you can get involved."

Schools and Training
Council for British Archaeology: Lectures, Day schools, short courses and tours
This page was still under construction at time of entry, but will probably be available soon.

Current Archaeology: Archaeological Organisations
A list of colleges and universities with archaeological programs.

Tempus Publishing Ltd.
Lots of historical and archaeological titles. U.S. residents can order some of these titles through Arcadia Publishing; however, the Arcadia site does not list Tempus titles, so you'll need to contact them directly to inquire.

Windgather Press
"Windgather Press publishes accessible and attractive books and journals on landscape history, landscape archaeology, and the history of BritainΥs countryside.Κ We have also recently expanded the book list to cover World Heritage Landscapes and an important topic in medieval European archaeology."


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