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Welsh History & Culture

Castles of Wales
"We provide information on over 400 different Welsh castles, accompanied by high quality photographs, as well as profiles of the men responsible for their construction and an explanation of the turbulent times in which they lived. Although we provide detailed information and photographs for the most famous Welsh castles... we also provide large, high quality photographs for many of the lesser-known Welsh castles with less impressive remains. We also feature a smaller section on Welsh Abbeys and Other Religious Sites, monuments that, like the Castles of Wales, represent an important component of Welsh medieval heritage and history."

Gathering the Jewels
Here you will find over 20,000 images of objects, books, letters, aerial photographs and other items from museums, libraries and record offices in Wales.

Medieval Castles & Fortifications of England and Wales 1000-1600
A gazetteer of more than 4000 castles, which can be searched either by type or by county. Not a lot of information about each castle, but a great place to find them.

National Library of Wales: Digital Mirror - Treasures
A collection of Welsh manuscripts, letters, etc., including medieval charters, the Book of Taliesin, files of 17th-century witchcraft trials, and more.

The Story of Wales and its People
A complete book on the history of Wales, online.

Welsh Folkdance Society
Lots of information on Welsh customs, dances, music and costumes, plus great links to other resources.


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