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Travel Tips

Beat Hotel Costs with a Home Exchange! by Kate Stout

A Beginner's Guide to British Pubs, by Graham Hughes

Comfort on a Budget: Hostelling in Britain, by Pearl Harris

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Conservation in Action, by Louise Simmons

Cycling on the Old Railways, by Liz Hearn

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English Heritage and the National Trust, by Dawn Copeman

An Englishman's Holiday Home Is His Castle! by Simon Whaley

Get On Yer Bike! by Dawn Copeman

Getting Involved in Off-Season Archaeology, by Sara Polsky

Help Excavate a Norfolk Village! by Sara Polsky

Holidays that Restore You -- and the Past, by Louise Simmons

The Proms: A Beginner's Guide, by Dawn Copeman

Riding the Rails, by Julia Lynam

Spend Your Holiday "Mending Fences!" by Liz Hearn

Taking a Road Trip, by Dawn Copeman

It's Time for Tea, by Dawn Copeman

Travel Back to the Middle Ages at a Medieval Festival, by David Smith

Traveling Safely: Things to Know Before You Go, by Michele Deppe

Want to See More of Britain? Take a Hike! by Dawn Copeman


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